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Continuing support wherever possible

“No More Nuclear” is not a criticism of TEPCO and the Japanese government, but the message to ourselves who waste energy and create necessity of the nuclear.

Just how many people got up in the morning, thinking “surely, this earthquake was no dream”?

In order to quickly rebuild Minami-Soma, which has suffered greatly from the earthquake, we are taking action, doing what we can do now.

“Continuing support wherever possible”

So that we may not forget that there are people looking forward and doing everything to rebuild,


that the miserable memories of victims and damages caused by radioactivity be told to as many people as possible.

Proceeds from the sale of our T-Shirts go to the municipal office of Minami-Soma.

Everyone can easily participate in this action, everywhere and anytime.
Every single person’s power is limited, however, combined it becomes a strong force.
We hope that many people will join forces and participate.

We will rebuild the beautiful city of Minami-Soma from the destruction of the earthquake, the Tsunami and the damage caused by nuclear radiation!

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